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Estate sales in Canada can be a great experience for both the seller and the potential buyers. The seller can easily clear out an entire home or specific spaces like attics, basements or garages quickly and efficiently. Buyers are free to shop and find great deals on second hand clothing, furniture, art, or anything else you may find in a home. Attending a sale held by the best companies is also great for purchasing big ticket items. Most sales companies only allow cash transactions which may limit the price for many potential sales. The best companies accept cash, credit cards, certified cheques, and even email money transfers.
What Can Be Sold?
In case you're curious, estate liquidators can't help you sell one solitary item such as a desk. However, that desk can be sold if it is part of a larger collection of items. Estate sales are based usually on the contents of an entire house, but are sometimes more specific. Nearly anything can be sold at an estate sale including, but not limited to, televisions, exercise machines, food, antiques, household furnishings, cars, china, glassware, art, pottery, collectibles, clothing, tools, appliances, jewelry, kitchen/garden items, bedding, and rugs. Filled up basements, attics and garages are great places to start if you're looking to clear up space, and an estate sale can help get you there quickly by utilizing their special skillset.
Who Can Benefit?
Buyers and sellers alike can benefit from an estate sale. Buyers are free to peruse a large selection of household items available for second-hand prices. A highly-reputable estate liquidator will help you find what you're looking for and show you things that may be of interest. You can find nearly anything at an estate sale from art, to furniture and appliances to clothing. Sometimes even half rolls of toilet paper are for sale! The seller at an estate sale benefits from the experience an excellent liquidator can provide. They take over some of the more difficult tasks associated with an estate sale, such as the advertising and organization. They can also be beneficial in that large items can be delivered to customers who may have otherwise ignored that larger item.
Why an Estate Sale?
There are dozens of reasons a person might consider holding an estate sale. Some possible reasons include:
  • Moving or downsizing
  • Clearing items for a home sale after a death
  • Real estate agents looking to clear a home for sale
  • Free up space in your garage, attic or basement
Whatever your reason, a properly-trained, highly-reputable estate sales company can help you get your space where you need it to be. A full-service content and estate sales company can help you out, whether you're a buyer looking for great deals on household items to fill a space, or a seller unloading wares to clear a space. Experience the ease and efficiency of an estate sale specialist on your next space clearing endeavour. Just make sure you've got the best in the business!
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  • Are you a real estate agent or acting as an executor to an estate?
  • Are you looking for Canada's largest, most well established and comprehensive content and estate sale company?
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